Yamagata Prefecture is the only Department store”Onuma”,the Yamagata District Court, filed a bankruptcy

Restructuring proceeded, Yamagata Prefecture Yamagata city Department store,”Onuma”and related Onuma friends is 27, the Yamagata District Court to filed for bankruptcy. Private credit reporting Agency Tokyo Shoko Research revealed, and the total debt is it is only about 25 billion yen. Staff reductions, including expenses of compression, Yonezawa city, Yamagata Prefecture Yonezawa store closed as it proceeded, the performance deterioration of the teeth to stop from business continuity abandoned. Yamagata Prefecture is the only Department stores only in the area, also a serious impact on the spread so well.

【Here】Sogo & Seibu,Seibu Otsu stores, including 5 stores as of the close of business to determine the 2 stores is a reduced-size

Tokyo Shoko Research, according to Yamagata city Tokachi Machi head office on the 26th in the sales stopped. Employees about 180 people sacked and a direction. Underground above ground, 1 floor below ground 7 floors of the head office of the store is the company entrusted to it. Yonezawa Yonezawa satellite stores, Shinjo-city of gift shops Shinjo store sales have stopped. The national state Agency location Department Stores Association member of the Department is gone this is the first time.

It is a fruit that 荒物屋 the Edo period of 1700 [Genroku 13] in a long-established, and in 1950, Onuma Department store, established its head office was opened, and Sakata city and Yonezawa city, the store provided a community-based Department store as a familiar. At the peak of the 1993 Year 2 on year, to 19.6 billion yen to me.

However, suburban shopping centers and the city of Sendai Department store and conflict,population decline, such as gradually from the sales decrease in 2001, from a deficit slipped to. In 2019, FY2 sales of 74 billion yen depressed.

In 2018 Tokyo investment firm, has acquired the management rights to, and use of capital invested in, such as over investment companies and financial institutions, relationships with employees deteriorate. In 2019 the Onuma enforcement officers from the funded by the IT Investment Association The Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders in the management deprives the reconstruction, re-start all……

In the new regime by 2019 8 January Yonezawa store closing and restructuring was carried out, the funding has reached the limit, and sales to make. It is for friends of the member from the dues levied, and the voucher had been issued, but it is chained to the go broke for.

Local Department store the winter of era is a serious situation continued throughout the country, closed faces. As a result, the provincial centre of hollowing out is accelerating. Onuma head office also Yamagata city’s Central shopping area in the core store and have a large ripple spread and only from. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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