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Yamaha's desktop audio system “TSX-B237” that allows you to charge your smartphone and enjoy music in a style that is sophisticated with sophisticated design and functionality


May 28, 2020, Yamaha will install a desktop audio system "TSX-B237" equipped with new features such as a woodgrain top table where smartphones and small items can be placed, wireless charging Qi (Qi) correspondence, etc. It will be released on Thursday.

The "TSX-B237" to be released this time is a desktop audio system with an interior feeling by adopting a retro-modern design that combines a high-quality feel and a gentle atmosphere, and a wood-grained top table that allows you to place smartphones and other small items. This time, we added a SCENE key that allows you to enjoy frequently-listened music with your favorite sound quality, including Qi (Qi) support that allows you to wirelessly charge compatible devices such as smartphones.

In addition to this, you can enjoy music from your smartphone (wireless playback via Bluetooth), music from a CD or USB memory, and radio with this one unit.

In addition, it has a compact integrated body that can be easily installed in a room, while ensuring a sufficient cabinet volume, with an amplifier with a total output of 50 W and an 8 cm full-range speaker. In addition, Yamaha's unique acoustic tuning enables natural and rich sound and delicate sound expression, and you can enjoy music with a well-balanced and comfortable sound even at a low volume.

In addition, USB connection supports playback of various audio formats including WAV and FLAC. It also has a Bluetooth transmission function, so you can listen to music played on this unit using Bluetooth-compatible headphones.

A large, easy-to-see clock equipped with an LED backlight is installed in the center of the main unit. In addition, Yamaha's unique interior ram that wakes you up in the morning and features such as snooze and sleep timers are great for everyday life. In addition, for the operation, we have prepared a dedicated application "Multimedia Music Controller", including a large remote control with easy-to-press buttons. You can make more detailed settings such as basic operations of the main unit and alarm settings while looking at the smartphone screen. Furthermore, if you use the app, you can view the album jacket and song information of the CD being played on your smartphone.





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