Yamura, NBA Japanese player's first stage "Rising Stars"

On the 14th [US time 15th], the U.S. Professional Basketball NBA performed "Rising Stars", in which young players up to the second year of the pro split into U.S. and World selections during the All-Star match, and Wizards' rookie Yamura Base will play as a member of the world selection. This is the first Japanese player. Hachimura said with a smile, "I am proud of being a Japanese and it is important to have fun."

For the second time in the world selection, Doncic [Mavericks], the second-year league athlete from Slovenia, and Clark [Grizzleys], a Canadian from Yonmura and his teammate during the Gonzaga era, were named. In the United States selection, Williamson [Pelicans], who was nominated for the first place overall, and Morant [Grizzlies], who was second in the draft, were selected in the same time as the drafts. [Joint]

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