Yamura with 15 points "I won't lose"

NBA Wizards Riki Yamura [22] started the practice game with the Clippers and played for about 27 minutes, recording a tie of 15 points in the most teams and a double of doubles with 10 rebounds in 2nd place. I felt that I was able to gain weight in the weight training that I worked on during the suspension period, and I felt that I felt like I could not lose.

On that day, the team's first score was Yamura. 30 seconds after the start, he decided to take the opponent's free throw rebound and bring it in at once. 18-19 Season Final MVP Leonard's match up evenly. "I'm good at using my body. I thought I wouldn't lose. I had two matches, and I saw the video and knew what he would do," he said in the remaining 4 minutes and 13 seconds. I decided to take a middle shot while falling back. Furthermore, in the remaining 5 minutes and 5 seconds in the 2nd Q, he cut the pass to Leonard, brought it in as it was, and decided to dunk lightly. The team that grasped the flow by joining Hachimura suddenly reversed and took the lead and turned the first half.

In the latter half, he finished with only 6 points, but he struggled to the end with defense and rebound. I couldn't protect the lead I had kept, and I was exhausted as I was reversed in the remaining 3 minutes in the 4th quarter. Even though it was a practice match, the young-focused team hunted down the second-ranked powerhouse in the western district to the end.

The three-point shoot, which was an issue, did not leave any results following the last successful one and ended with 0 out of 2. In the 3rd Q, it was not possible to decide in the free state, and at the scene of catching up at the end of the 4th Q, I aimed at the direction of the team, but it did not lead to the score. "It is said that you are trusted in the last scene. You have to decide in such a scene," he said.

In a press conference the day before, Brooks said, “I'm good at the distance of 5.2 to 5.5 meters. I think that's fine. I want more shots [three-point shot], but don't overdo it if you feel something wrong. Read more After practicing," he said, in this match there are 8 Wizards, 15 opponents, and 7 successes. Since both teams lost a close margin to their strong opponents, Yamura's successful three-point shot, which is said to be steadily hitting since practice, holds the key to future victory.

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