Yasufumi Seto and Mizuki Yamamoto are married and announced under joint names

Actor Yasushi Seto [32] and actress Mizuki Yamamoto [29] announced their marriage on the 7th.

On the same day, Yamamoto posted a marriage report document that he wrote his joint name on his Twitter with his own handwriting.

“I am very sorry for my private affairs, but I would like to report that Yasushi Seto and Mizuki Yamamoto have just married. This time, I have more time to face myself, I'm convinced that it is an important entity that I do not want to lose.. I would like to create our own kind and gentle family with a common hobby and similar feelings. I will continue to work hard, so I would like to ask for your continued guidance and guidance. We pray for the quick recovery of the damage caused by the July heavy rain” as soon as possible.”

The two perform together for the first time in the Fuji TV series drama "HOPE-New employee with zero expectations" in the year ending July 2016. He co-starred again in the same season series drama "Perfect World" last April, and he was reported to have love at the end of October. Seto has decided to appear in Fuji TV series drama "Lupin's daughter" [sequel = 10:00 pm on Thursday] starting in October this year, and Yamamoto will release the movie "ito" to appear on 21st this month. ing.

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