Yasuko Sawaguchi "Kousouken no Onna" Hatsumode discovers dead body 10.1%

The average audience rating [Kanto area] of episode 26 of Yasuko Sawaguchi [53] starring TV Asahi drama "Kousouken no Onna" [Thursday 8:00 pm] broadcasted on the 16th was 10.1% on the 17th , Video research found.

The latest series of popular dramas started in the October 1999 period. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the station's opening and the 20th anniversary of the broadcast of the program, it will be broadcast throughout the year until March 2008.

The guests in Episode 26 are Shunsuke Nakamura, Riho Takada, and Kazuma Yamane. Sakaki Mariko [Sawaguchi] and other members of the Sokaken Institute visited Hatsumode, discovering the remains of Miyaji and Fukamori Atsuko. Atsuko was apparently killed by hitting his head on a stone lantern pedestal. No fingerprints appeared from the deadly stone, but glove marks were detected instead.

After the video of Shiho Hamauchi [Takada] who lived and worked at the shrine was spread on the net, a malicious threatening sentence aimed at her was written on the shrine's homepage, so this case was not an investigation section 1 but a wide area cyber The investigator is in charge. It was speculated that Atsuko was mistaken for Shiho and was killed because of the similarity of his appearance to Shiho.

Shiho is worried about her husband's damage to her DV and confides that she has been hired by a shrine. On the other hand, her husband and truck driver Michihiko Hamauchi [Yamane] is asking the research company to search for Shiho, and a cloth stained with engine oil for a large car was found at the scene to tell her husband's abuses.

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