Yasushi Seto and Mizuki Yamamoto have been thinking about getting married since the beginning

Actor Yasushi Seto [32] and actress Mizuki Yamamoto [29] got married on the 7th. The two people, who share their hobbies with each other, decided that they would not want to lose each other while the new corona infection spread again. About one year of enthusiasm. Both of them were active in movies and dramas, and the beautiful woman who beats now is the electric shock goal.


About two people, it was reported on 1st part of this month that "we are getting married", but on the same day, both affiliated offices answered "I have not heard such a story" when interviewing Nikkan Sports etc. Was. A person familiar with the two said, “Two of them were preparing for marriage from the beginning in the first place.Due to the rising mood of marriage in the press and the uncertain situation of Corona, I think they were blitzingly trying to file a marriage registration."

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