Yasushi Yamura “The Last End… We could n’t decide”

Wizards Rookie Rin Yamura [21] has marked “Double Double” to place two digits in two main personal records. Achieved her second time since the opening round. He played 23 consecutive stadiums from his debut against the Hornets in the enemy's field, and scored 18 points for 7 consecutive games, 2 digits, 12 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1 steel in 32 minutes and 48 seconds. “I got some offense rebounds, so I want to continue there,” recalled. The team lost the game and lost three consecutive losses.

Yamura scored the first score of the match by laying up the layup for the remaining 9 minutes 40 seconds of the first quarter [Q]. Later, steel was also recorded.

In the second Q, the hook shot, which was temporarily reversed, was sunk, and two free throws were also successful. Also contributed other than scoring, such as 3 rebounds.

The presence increased further in the second half. This quarter alone took 8 points and 5 rebounds, such as making a jump shoot at the beginning of Q3 and putting it on a 2-digit score.

In the 4th Q, we marked 4 rebounds and succeeded in the lay-up shoot, but in the last half of the important scene, we continuously dropped the field goal, “ Last last, when the opponent decides, we can decide I didn't want to do that. She showed a regretful expression.

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