Yodobashi’s new commercial”link down down”,opened from 10-day visitors at the 500 million users

Consumer electronics giant Yodobashi Camera, which operates City Holdings is 5 days,Kita-ku, Osaka Yodobashi Umeda tower options for commercial complex”LINKS UMEDA[link down down]”is opened from 10 days in visitors of 500 million people. Year total number of visitors 1,500 million expected to reach.

【Here】“Links out of the download”Osaka Station the North exit of Yodobashi Umeda tower options

Links Download Download, the 35-storey newly opened Yodobashi Umeda Tower B1 floor from 8 floors above ground and occupies a floor space of about 55,000 square meters. Apparel, General merchandise, food and beverage, food, sales, and service of nearly 200 shop houses,11 month 16 days to the opening. The adjacent large of electronics stores Yodobashi Camera multimedia Osaka and a passageway connecting Osaka’s largest commercial zone have formed.

Outdoors, the interior of the shopping area, a children’s clothing brand Miki House’s new business store the whole game is the support of the fantasy, such as the family of large area is provided.

The number of visitors grew about the links out of 五鬼上 Daisuke Director, the family layer for a tenant to stop this in the Umeda district did not come to the layer as a new customer gathered, and Yodobashi Umeda tower around the perimeter of the circle to the mission of the installation, A new flow of people is born that the reason cited.

11 month 27 days to Yodobashi Umeda Tower of 9 ~ 35 floors to get to hotel Hankyu Express ideas in Osaka,about 1, 000 of the rooms opening from Umeda and Kansai International Airport,Japan with other cities in the connects Express bus terminal is in place,foreign tourists and business clientele in and out of is even increasing. Links Download Download this layer is also use of a prospective, year-end and New Year holidays towards the visitors expected to increase good…….. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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