Yoko Hamaguchi "We also want to work to protect the earth"

Comedy combination, Yokoko attended the production announcement of Tomica's 50th anniversary animation "Tomica Kizuna [Kizuna] Combined @ Earth Granner" in Tokyo on April 15 in Tokyo.

Driving Raiga [Shizuka Ishigami] and Driving Kuuga [Haruna Sakurai] belong to the Earth Defense Corps "Earth Grandner" and transform into Grandner R and Grandner K to protect the future of the earth. fight. Various goods will be released from Tomica at the start of the broadcast.

Yu Hamaguchi [47] says, "I want to support you more and more. We also want to work to protect the earth." Shinya Arino [47] said, "Tomica makes a variety of products, so I want to pick it up soon."

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