Yokohama meteor Elandor rookie award 恭 Kyoko Fukada blesses with hug

Actor Yokohama Ryusei [23] attended the 44th Elandor Prize award ceremony in Tokyo and received the rookie of the year award.

The venue opened up with the appearance of Yokohama. Words spilled out on the sight, saying, "Everybody is amazing …" "I'm really honored to receive this historic award. I've met so many works and I'm grateful that you've been supported by everyone. I'm full of gratitude."

Kyoko Fukada, who co-starred in the TBS drama "A Story to Read on a First Love," rushed to the Yokohama award and celebrated with a hug. Fukada was worried about Yokohama getting into the role too much, but said, "I'm so active that I don't need to worry. I'm looking forward to working together again."

Yokohama said, "I was happy that Fukada-san came and felt the work was loved." He also stated that one of his goals in the future was "I would like to try Moradora and Taiga."

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