Yokohama’s famous ekiben”Shiu Mai Bento”kiyoken Taiwan advance,8 on 7 November in Taipei Main Station at No. 1 stores

Yokohama’s famous ekiben”SIU Mai lunch”to sell kiyoken, Taiwan・Taipei station overseas No. 1 store Taipei Station Store, 8 on 7 October before. Chinese of the Japanese taste for Shiu Mai authentic challenge in Japan is the ekiben of the Taiwan colonization company.

【Here】Foreign tourists like the convenience,Taiwanese and Vietnamese da

The store is located in Taipei City proper District of Taipei railway station 1st floor ticket gate installed outside the”Taiwan version of SIU Mai lunch”[about 630 yen],”old-fashioned Shiu Mai 20 pieces”[about 1,300 yen],”Yaki shumai[or SIU Mai], 4 pieces”[about 300 yen],”warabi-mochi”[about 560 yen], such as to sell. Manufacture and sale of a 5 month installation was a subsidiary of Taiwan”kiyoken”is the. “Old-fashioned Shiu Mai 20 pieces”is kiyoken mascot type soy into the”just baby”of the Taiwan version…. well….

Taiwan before the Japanese colonial period to the ekiben is brought,settled, and warm dishes like Taiwan’s culture, from Don’s,family size sense trains before they arrive in the eating. The Taiwanese was my cold and I have to eat not, for kiyoken is the rice and the SIU Mai to the warm State in a Packed,Taiwanese’s lunch time.

Kiyoken is Chinese expansion into consideration,this time of Taipei, the opening of its foothold on the want intention. So, ekiben is present, and of Japanese culture and Pro-Japanese sentiment is strong in Taiwan 1 overseas store location I chose.

Kiyoken Yokohama of old Yokohama Station [currently Sakuragicho station]in 1908 the company. Initially you and drink sales, the Yokohama Station after the transfer of in 1928,in Yokohama, provided by the consumer to the Japanese people prefer to train in easy to eat bite-size for my development,Yokohama’s famous ekiben to raise.

Kiyoken is the SIU Mai Japanese culture of ekiben and Chinese food culture is a fusion of the position, based on the”Yokohama is the taste of many of Taiwan’s people to taste from Yokohama to liven up tourism also have”the capabilities to. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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