Yokoi Yuha is second with a total of 214.56 points.

The short program [SP] second place Yuha Yokoi [19 = Chukyo Univ.] Scored 141.27 free points and finished second with a total of 214.56 points.

After acting, Yokoi thrust his right fist. Free with three consecutive jumps in the latter half of the performance, where the base point is 1.1 times. From the beginning double axel [two and a half turns] to the last three consecutive jumps, everything was iced and the song was accented. At "Kiss and Cry," he heard the scoring announcement and smiled with his hand on his mouth.

"I was so surprised at yesterday's 73 points, and I got a good score today, but it was a reaction like" Sorry, sorry ", so I regret saying" I should have been a little more pleased. "

The SP on the 22nd day marked a high score of 73.29 points. He described his progress as "a player who has molted, but sometimes hibernates." After the SP, he said, "After finishing, he said" I'm finally able to do it! " I was

For next season, he said, "Now I can do what I can do, it's almost a max composition. If I go up another level [up the level], I'll be a triple axel. Motivated to throw in three and a half turns. The valuable experience gained in the final stage of the first year of the senior will be linked to the future.

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