Yoshihide Kiryu is married to blitz! To submit marriage registration on the first day of the Olympics

Japanese record holder Yoshihide Kiryu [23 = Nihon Seimei], 100 meters before the land boy, announced a lightning marriage. Revealed on his own YouTube. I filed a marriage registration on January 1. The opponent is an older general woman who is qualified for "Athlete Food Meister". With the best life partner, he will go to the 20th Tokyo Olympics, aiming for the men's 100m final and the men's 400m relay gold medal.

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Kiryu, a candidate for the Tokyo Olympics, has married lightning. The partner is an older general woman who works for a major company. According to people involved, she had been secretly dating for more than two years and was engaged last fall. Until now, there was no rumor, but a marriage registration was submitted on the 20th year of the Tokyo Olympic Year. We have already reported to close stakeholders and friends.

Kiryu has a great presence for his beloved wife who is qualified as an “athlete food meister”. Before graduating from Toyo University in the spring of 2018, he left the dormitory and started living alone. However, she was not good at self-catering, and had problems in her diet. In February of last year, he began to eat breakfast every day, but he was so careless enough to say that "for the first time in 23 years I have learned the importance of breakfast." Marriage benefits athletes in important nutrition management aspects.

100 meters where the game is decided in more than 9 seconds. It fights extreme pressures but is likely to have a marriage effect mentally. My beloved wife is not very familiar with the land, but that gives her a sense of freedom. During her companionship, she has been healed by her presence. Various factors seemed to have led to the marriage of New Year's Day.

On her own YouTube, she shared a portrait of her partner and said, "I want to live happily in the future. I need to be able to have a family and have a good income. I want to do my best." He said he wanted to have children after the Tokyo Olympics.

Kiryu, who has been leading the Japanese sprint world, said at the coming-of-age ceremony that he would be "23 or 34" when he wanted to get married. Goal-in as declared. He became the first married player in the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Men's 400 Meter Relay Silver Medal in 2016.

In September 2017, the Japanese flag marked 9:98, breaking through the "10-second barrier" at 100 meters for the first time. The goal of the Tokyo Olympics is the final stage of the Japanese team in 88 years. The men's 400m relay will aim for a gold medal that is longing for Japanese. From 2020, we will work with my wife on a tripod to achieve the goal.

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