Yoshihiro Kitamura's affirmation, next year's Olympic Games usually held at "0000"

Yoshihiro Kitamura, a specially appointed professor at Nagano Health University, will perform live on TBS's "Accco entrusts you!" [Sunday 11:45 am] on the 26th, and the Tokyo Olympics [Olympics] postponed next summer can be held. I mentioned about sex.

When asked by the comedian Tomonori Jinnai [46], "Is it possible to hold the Olympic Games next year normally?" Mr. Kitamura asserted, "It's 0%. It's 000."

Continuing, "0% in the usual way. If a good remedy is possible, I think it will be limited in some way, but it is not impossible to implement. It is not something that can be implemented if only in Japan."

"It is 0% that the declaration of emergency will be lifted uniformly across Japan on May 6th. It is impossible." The factors for the cancellation are "how difficult you are to restrain yourself, the number of infected people, the situation where medical institutions can afford, and it is difficult to cancel without all three of these."

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