Yoshihito Nishioka's Second Tour V Missed, but 48th in the Tokyo Olympics

Yoshihito Nishioka [24 = Miki House], ranked 63rd in the world ranking, missed his second tour victory.

In the 54th place, Opelka [USA] lost 5-7, 7-6, and 2-6, and became the second Japanese V since the 2008 Nishikori Kei. However, in the latest ranking of the world announced on the 24th, he jumped to the 48th place within the Tokyo Olympics [Olympic] participation range. We have made great strides toward entering the Olympics.

Nishioka, the shortest in the top 100, 170 cm, challenged the tallest, 211 cm. Despite succumbing to a height difference of 41 cm, he used his agility, tenacity, course and pitch to gain confidence that he lost but never played badly.

In the runner-up, he renewed his highest ranking, exceeding the 58th place in March 2017, immediately before the rupture of the left anterior cruciate ligament. He returned from the injury and temporarily reached 380th place, but he continued to say, "The goal is to renew the highest place." With this, the participation in the Tokyo Olympics, which has long been called “the biggest goal of the year,” is now completely within range. Ace Nishikori, who has been pulling Japan for many years, has left the front line with a right elbow injury since the United States last September. "Ace change" in the world rank was also considered. "I'm approaching the Olympics and want to do my best a little more." The steps of the little giant do not stop.

◆ Tennis' way to participate in the Tokyo Olympics A total of 56 men and women singles will be selected in the world rankings on June 8 immediately after the French, up to a maximum of four in each country. If there are no missed players, the cut line in the world ranking is likely to be around 70th. Athletes also need to be several times represented in the country in the Davis Cup [Men] or Fed Cup [Women] in national competitions in the last four years.

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