YOSHIKISS Red and White Co-star, KISS is Japan Last

X Japan's YOSHIKI will be participating in Omisoka's “70th NHK Red and White Song Battle” following the last year on the 15th, announced by the same station in Shibuya, Tokyo. Performs with US rock band KISS.

Last year, it was the first ever appearance of both the Red and White Army as the White Team “YOSHIKI feat. HYDE” and the Red Team “YOSHIKI feat. Sarah Brightman”.

NHK explained on the same day on the homepage of the Red and White Song Battle: *

◇ ◇ ◇

Rock star YOSHIKI. The origin of dreams is KISS.

YOSHIKI who lost his father when he was young. In fact, it was KISS music that supported me. Encountering KISS wakes me up to rock, and I'm addicted to it, and jump into the world of rock drums as well as the classical piano I've learned. Today, they were all the “origins” of YOSHIKI, who became the top artist in the world. And that KISS is currently in the middle of a performance in Japan. In addition, we have declared that tour activities will end with this time, and this is a KISS performance in Japan.

… In this situation, this month, YOSHIKI appeared for a live encore at KISS's Tokyo Dome. I played a dream with a benefactor who opened the way to rock.

This time, YOSHIKI-san invited KISS to the stage of red and white with the theme of “Let's sing a dream”, and decided to develop a special performance as YOSHIKI feat. KISS <YOSHIKISS>!

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