Yoshimi Tokui 26th Nippon Television program returns to terrestrial wave for the first time in 10 months

On the 20th, Nippon Television announced on the official program site that the comedy duo and the tutorial Yoshimi Tokui [45] will appear on the same day's affiliate "Higashino Okamura no Tabi 17" [Wednesday midnight 1:29] on the 26th. .. Tokui's return to terrestrial broadcasting will be the first time in about 10 months since the disclosure of income tax filings was discovered in October last year.

On NTV, he explained, "It is the result of a comprehensive judgment." Regarding the return to other programs, "We have not answered the production process. We will make a judgment for each program."

Tokui's regular appearance on "Terrace House TOKYO" and "The Dream Bite" on Fuji TV, "Terrace House" was discontinued, and "The Dream" became Season 2 from April, and is no longer a regular.

TV Asahi has no plans to appear at this time.

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