Yoshimoto "Drive-in Comedy" applauding with headlights

The "Yoshimoto Drive-In Theater", where you can enjoy comedy while riding in a car, started on the 2nd at Expo Memorial Park in Suita City, Osaka Prefecture.

While a new lifestyle is required due to the influence of the new coronavirus, a limited-time event with a low risk of infection has been realized in response to many voices saying "I want to see the live live". On the first day, a comedy duo, Wagyu, and 6 other groups appeared, and a 90-minute performance was held.

When the headlights instead of clapping flashed from the cars lined up in the parking lot, Kenshiro Kawanishi [36] said, "Amazing. Shinji Mizuta [40] said "I want you to do your best [with headlights] and make Japanese beef." Instead of laughing, the headlight flashed violently.

The event is part of the "Expo Memorial Park Drive-In Theater" installed in the Expo Memorial Park Festival Square, and a large screen [12 meters wide and 7 meters long] is installed in the festival area. There are two types of events, depending on the day.

"Yoshimoto Drive-In Theater x Comedy" is a 90-minute performance by 6 pairs of popular entertainers, with stories and a game corner. "Yoshimoto Drive-In Theater x Movie" is a bit different from normal Drive-In Theater, and there is a pre-talk section for entertainers to introduce the movie before it is shown, so you can watch the movie in an unusual environment. Enjoy it.

The event will be held on November 16th and 29th.

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