Yoshimoto Kogyo and Tokyo

Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd. Osaka,strong sense of. But across the country in the direct management of the theatre to the 14 Museum operation. And 8 month 8 day 15 Museum eyes, Yurakucho to open[the ticket is 7 months 18 days from the official website accepted at the start].

【Here】SNS fire also corresponds to reflecting the age of the listed company Asia dish

As for the name,and laughter of the permanent theatre”and Yurakucho Theater[205 seats]”. Place,Mitsubishi Estate is owned and operation and management of the Yurakucho Building 2nd floor. Yurakucho Marunouchi・Ginza・Hibiya・Imperial Palace garden and a node for the location. Commercial・MICE [business events]・culture・art, etc. of diverse function areas.

Yoshimoto Kogyo is”Laugh&Entertainment [Comedy entertainment]”concept,”and the laughter and the funny[interesting]to disseminate. Work I laughing want to go towards those who have a good laugh enjoy a space that provides”and all that.

Mitsubishi Estate and this move has a meaning. The Otemachi・Marunouchi・Yurakucho area in 2020 after the city based on the”round of the NEXT stage”, position”people and companies are gathered with the new value of stage of activities”as that.

From such a perspective, the emphasis on area of 1 in Yurakucho in the commercial・culture・art core and Urban Development,Yoshimoto theater, a new entertainment industry and further the city’s bustle to create the policy.

This is Yoshimoto Kogyo, the current Tokyo office in 2008, are being transferred.

Yoshimoto’s office is from the North”Sapporo branch””Tohoku office [Sendai city, Miyagi Prefecture]””Fukushima office”Niigata”office””headquarters in Tokyo”and”Yokohama branch””Tokai branch office [Nagoya City]””the Shizuoka Office””head office / Osaka headquarters”Hiroshima,”the office””Shikoku office [Matsuyama city, Ehime Prefecture]””Fukuoka branch””and entertainment Okinawa [Naha]”with the lineup.

Tokyo headquarters,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo was there. Is,08 in Shinjuku-ku, Kabukicho of Shinjuku Golden Gai, which is adjacent to the land moved. The former YOTSUYA No. 5 Elementary School list of relocation was.

This Yurakucho theater expansion when a simple question felt. Why,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo was the Tokyo headquarters of Kabukicho was transferred from. Shinjuku Keizai Shimbun[newspaper]07 years 7 months 6 date is”Yoshimoto relocation plan announcement”relating to the articles delivered to. “The relocation and renovation cost of approximately 8 billion yen. After the transfer of the monthly rent is approximately 350 million yen. “Cost benefits is the area 12 times, the total expenses are now almost the same amount”and the company is estimated to be”about that.

The”adopt your very own baby kitten and help him grow into a fully grown Of 算盤勘定 his”feel but these still tell. “Save first—the seismic and safety, while ensuring the look is just a basis to use as that”.

[Original]school is the local so-called”Face”. The appearance of the Leave—and under the more attracted to it. Johnny and the contractual relationship[social issues], etc., have and a Image flew. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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