Yoshimoto Shin comedy performance in Thailand, vortex of laughter at the venue with a small drill

Yoshimoto Shin Comedy's performance in Thailand, “Yoshimoto Shin Comedy World Tour-What's the 60th Anniversary! In Thailand” was held on the 15th at the Thai Cultural Center in Bangkok.

Two chairpersons, Yasushi Kawabata and Tsuchi, co-star. The classic gags such as “Kakka”, a face art performed when Kawabata appeared, and “Chikubi drill” by Yutaka Yoshida, were involved in the laughter. In addition to Shimada Ichinosuke, Matsuura Shinya and other members of the new comedy, Thai live entertainers Koizumi, Hanazumi, and T Mira are also performing.

Kawabata said, “It was unbelievable that we were able to visit 47 prefectures and 5 countries when we entered the new comedy. I think that this is the result of a good fusion of what I left behind and what the younger gave me. "

“I ’m relieved that the tour is over. I thought it would n’t end when the tour started in March, but when it ’s over, I ca n’t turn around more (laughs). It was a performance, but since the visitors came to a wide range from children to the elderly, it would be nice to have everyone laughing, which is the best attraction of Shin Yoshimoto, as a culmination of the tour I would like to be able to broadcast nationwide that I can watch it anywhere in Japan, and I will do my best to broadcast in Singapore, Shanghai, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand that I went on this tour. In the future, in the case of such a tour that involves long-distance movements, I will be challenged by creating a strong anus because I will be done with my niece I want to (laughs). "

Yoshimoto Shin comedy, which was born on March 1st, 1959 at the same time as the opening of the Osaka Umeda Kagetsu Theater, is the 60th anniversary of this year. The commemorative “Yoshimoto Shin Comedy World Tour-What's the 60th Anniversary!” Mobilized about 140,000 people from Tokyo performances on March 28 (Thu) in 93 performances in 47 prefectures across Japan. In overseas performances that started last month, I visited Singapore, China / Shanghai, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand, and welcomed Chiaki-Raku on this day. Mobilized 5,200 people in 8 performances in 5 countries in Asia.

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