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Yoshinoya also introduces mobile order nationwide-Engadget Japan version

The Yoshinoya will introduce "Mobile Orders" nationwide from today (February 14) by simply ordering from a smartphone and receiving goods at the store.

The Yoshinoya mobile order is provided under the name of “smartphone order”. Before visiting the store,WEB pageBy ordering products at and specifying the time of arrival, you can take out the products without waiting at the store.

The other day,Started nationwide expansionUnlike McDonald's, use is limited to takeout. Also,You can't check out and you need to check out when you receive the goods.

Yoshinoya introduced the mobile order platform "Mobile Order Platform" developed by Japanese startup Showcase Gig.O: der"(Order). Since it is linked to the Yoshinoya's existing POS system, it has also made store management more efficient.

"Complete accounting with a smartphone" is offered in spring

In addition, apart from the above services, Yoshinoya has established a mobile order service as a mini app on smartphone payment "d payment".Start in springTo do.

Here, not only the order, but also the settlement is completed on the smartphone, so you just need to receive the product at the store. It is a true mobile ordering service that completes everything from ordering to accounting on your smartphone. The "O: der" mechanism of Showcase Gig is also used here.


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