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Yoshinoya and Pokemon collaborate on “Don” and the Pokémori campaign starts on the 19th. Pokemon-colored stores also appeared

Yoshinoya will start a collaboration campaign with Pokemon “Pokemori” nationwide from December 19th. We have infiltrated the Yoshinoya Ebisu Station Store, the only place in Japan where you can experience the campaign in advance.

A special set menu for the “Pokemori” campaign is provided in a monster ball-shaped beef bowl container with juice and a special figure.

The limited figure "1st" is a Pokémon with "Don" and comes in 6 types: Charizard, Gradon, Yadon, Utsudon, Tritodon [Nino Umi] and Tritodon [Higashi No Umi].

The price of the set menu is 498 yen for the small beef bowl [small] set, 448 yen for the mini beef bowl set, and 448 yen for the mini curry set [all without tax and with juice figure].

▲ Pokémon appears when you eat

▲ There are 6 types of samurai designs, the same as the figure.

▲ The takeout container is also a monster ball [no Pokémon at the bottom] ■ Pokemon collaboration Yoshino family appeared in Ebisu
Surprisingly, this is the first time that the Yoshinoya has collaborated with anime and games. At the Ebisu Ekimae store, which is close to the Pokemon Center Shibuya, special interior decorations with Pokemon are visible.

The Ebisu Ekimae store is also the first store for families that the Yoshinoya is renewing, featuring bright interiors and spacious interiors, and seats with outlets for charging smartphones. .

▲ The interior looks like a Pokestop, but unfortunately it has not collaborated with Pokemon GO. Not a pocket stop

The collaboration with Pokémon will continue over the next year, with a new campaign scheduled for about every three months of the season. The person in charge of the Yoshinoya said, “I want to consider future campaign development while watching the response.”

This time, Pokemon with “Don” in the name is taken up, but what kind of Pokemon will be taken up in future campaigns is “secret”.

For the writer who is fond of the first generation [red, blue and green] and the second generation [gold and silver], the appearance of Siden and Don Phan is awaited, but Pokemon with “Don” is [Mega Charizard XY [Even if you include it], there are about 20 types, so if you add a Pokemon with a “don” every time, it seems that it will run out of material in the fourth time.

The first “Pokemori” campaign will be deployed at Yoshinoya nationwide from December 19th. As soon as the figures are out of stock, the “Poke prime set” will be discontinued. In addition, a campaign will be held in parallel with the “Pokémori exclusive don buri”.

At the Yoshinoya Ebisu Ekimae store, the “Pokemori” campaign will start in advance from December 14th today. The store's Pokemon decorations are scheduled to be rolled out until January 5, 2020. If you want to see a huge monster ball bowl or a Yoshinoya sign with a ball, we recommend that you visit early.

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