Yoshinoya free shopping bags after July 1st! When I asked the person inside for the reason, "Ah!"

As many people know, from July 1, 2020, plastic shopping bags will be charged. However, some companies will continue the free route by introducing bags that are not covered by the pay system.

The Yoshinoya is one of them, and the takeout shopping bag will be free after July 1st. Because it will be changed to a biomass plastic compound …Why did the Yoshinoya do such a difficult thing? ▽ As I was interested, I asked the "inner person" the reason, and he kindly taught me the reason.

Its contentsInsanely chewedIf you tell…

"It's your eco bagThere may be problems in safety and hygieneI from. Also, it is expected that the time to go out will be shortened as much as possible now, and if you do not confirm "Do you need a shopping bag?" at the time of takeout,Store time can be shortenedYan"

── It feels like it. However, of course, this means that the burden of cost increase [according to "the insider, the specific amount of money is secret"] will be imposed on Yoshinoya. Therefore, it seems that there were discussions inside the company until the decision to make the take-away shopping bag free of charge, but in the end it came to the conclusion that "there is nothing more than customer safety and security".

Ahhhhhhh! I think there are many people who became… but I was really interested in the Yoshinoya, which is a symbol of thin profit sellingIs it okay to do that?The point.

It's a twisted view, but isn't it possible that the free use of plastic shopping bags is only possible with price increases? Even if you don't do that, it's going to be very financially difficult. Even if you hit it, it might be affected by the new Corona… Considering the situation, I think it would be unavoidable to raise the price, but I would like to confirm that.

Is the candy named Free Takeaway Shopping Bags a set with the whip named Price Increase? Or is it just candy? I'm afraid to ask…

"We are not considering raising the price at this stage."

I was about to cry out, but of course the price of Yoshinoya couldn't remain the same for the future. Sometime the price will be revised. But that isNot considered at this stage.. So I want everyone to feel at ease.

By the way, it can be said that Yoshinoya's rival"Sukiya"However, it seems that the plastic bag will be free after July 1st. Also,McDonald's, KFC [Kentucky Fried Chicken], Seiko Mart, etc. continue free routesThen So, finally one more.


Reference source:Yoshinoya[PDF],Sukiya,McDonald's,Nihon Keizai Shimbun

Report:Yuichiro Wazai

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