Yoshizumi Ishikawa defeats the plain V. Final battle over the Olympics from the 12th

Table tennis girl Yoshizumi Ishikawa [26 = Zenno] has taken a step forward to become a representative of the Tokyo Olympics singles.

On the 9th, he won the World Tour North American Open [OP] final by defeating Hirano Miu [19] 4-2. Ishikawa, who won the direct confrontation, reversed the plains in the world rankings and emerged as the second Japanese. The singles representatives are the top two Japanese in the world ranking announced in January next year. The top Misato Ito [19] is surely selected. The fierce battle of the remaining one frame will be settled at the final round of the world tour that opened on the 12th, Grand Final [opening on the 12th, Zhengzhou, China].

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Ishikawa decides to win and he gets a sensation in his towel. The tournament now follows the plain by 65 points in the world ranking points. On the contrary, this victory exceeded 135 points. Even a slight lead caused tears because the Olympic selection race was so intense.

Both winners were “norma”. If you do not win, you will not be able to add to the world ranking points of the top 8 competitions that will be the criteria for Olympic selection. In a difficult situation, both sides won the final.

Ishikawa's game count 3-2. In the match point scene, I was overtaken by Deuce 10-10, but smiled for a moment and nodded. The mid-season was a similar development, with a steep expression on the front. There are 2 competitions remaining for the representative. “Let's attack with a positive feeling” was blown out.

Opponent serve. Aim for a plain body with a strong backhand receive. This time, the trajectory is changed to the opponent fore side. The fore of the plain that could not cope with the speed was out, 11-10. Finally, he hit the back with the aim of Hirano, and the opponent caught on the net and settled. It was the result of a bullish attack as declared.

The two players participated this time in a tournament with a lower-ranked “challenge” framework than the regular world tours that they regularly participate in. The Olympic selection race was so fierce that Ishikawa said, “I didn't expect to participate” until the end of the season.

The difference between the two is very close. The fierce battle was entangled from the 12th to the final round of the Grand Final. Participation conditions are basically the top 16 of the annual world tour. If you enter, you get 1020 points, from which 8 points 1227 points, 4 points 1660 points, 2nd place 2040 points, 2550 championship points, the points gained with each advance. The one who wins even more than one win finalizes the Japanese ranking second place in the world ranking to obtain the singles representation right. If I lose in the same round, Ishikawa's right to revert the points in this tournament is certain. It was a winning North American OP.

◆ Table tennis Japan national team selection method: The top two world rankings announced in January 20 for both men and women will win the singles representation. The third person in the team battle is recommended by the Japan Headquarters Association's headquarters. Next year on January 6th, three men and women from the Tokyo Olympics will be announced.

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