Yoshizumi Ishikawa loses to left hand and loses to Hayata

The Tokyo Olympics [Olympic] representatives are swept away by the new generation. In the women's singles semifinals, Misato Ito [19 = Starts], who was aiming for the first ever triple year in a row including both women and mixed doubles, lost 3-4 to Hina Hayata [19 = Nihon Seimei]. Hayata defeated the same representative, Kasumi Ishikawa [26 = Zen Nori] in the final, and achieved two crowns with the women's doubles teamed with Ito.

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Ishikawa finally managed to take a game from Hayata, who beat Ito and gain momentum.

When it comes to a rally, there is a minute in the large Hayata. Ishikawa, who struggled with Saab and failed to return a valid receive, could not keep pace until the end. "I couldn't read the rotation of the serve until the end, and the receive didn't work. Left-handed opponents were not good," he said. He just advanced to the finals and said, "I have grown since last year. I want to be able to win all types of battles for the Olympics."

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