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You can enjoy animals that you can not usually see on Instagram! Kobe Animal Kingdom LIVE animals on official Instagram during the temporary holiday due to coronavirus

Kobe Animal Kingdom will be working on temporary closures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections in Japan [from March 3 [Tue] to March 15 [Sun] 2020] for those who cannot visit the park. , Decided to distribute LIVE videos on official Instagram.

Delivery is about 15 minutes every day from 12:30. Live performance versions of performance shows, attractions, and feeding routines that are usually performed. The staff will explain what they can't usually see, such as animal explanations by the staff and animals that are temporarily closed.

■ Delivery schedule
Excellent on 3/4 [Wed] cuteness! Lesser talk
Be careful about splash on 3/5 [Thu]! "Penguin snack"
3/6 [Fri] Like a flying boat! Powerful "Pelican Flight"
3/7 [Sat.] Frisbee Dog Performance with human and dog
Do you know 3/8 [Sun]? I will teach you the goodness of "care"!
3/9 [Mon.] book "Bak snack time & Capybara feeding"
3/10 [Tue] "Tropical Forest"
3/11 [Wed] Can you feel like riding? ! "Camel ride" live distribution
3/12 [Thu] The world's three rare beasts are in front of you
3/13 [Fri] “Seal Seal Time” & Live Stream Limited! Fur Seal Snack Time
3/14 [Sat] Kingdom Ichi Free Monkeys "Wow Wow Talk"
3/15 [Sun] “Bird Performance Show” Secrets of Birds!

* Contents may change due to weather.
* Changes and cancellations may be unavoidable.
* Communication problems may occur. Please note that both.

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