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You can make and receive Android smartphones from Win10 PC. "Smartphone synchronization" new function is publicly available-Engadget Japan edition

This function allows you to receive calls from your smartphone on the PC side, as well as dial from the PC (or “Contacts”) in the smartphone sync app. Of course, in any case, you can talk using the speaker or microphone of the PC instead of the smartphone.

In addition, if you cannot answer a call (you do not want to answer it), you can respond by text message and send it to your smartphone voice mail (message memo).

This Calls function was originally an announcement event for Galaxy Note10 in August.Announced with Dex on PCthing. ThenReleased as an early preview for InsiderAfter about two months, it has been opened to the public.

The Android app that becomes the client of the “smartphone sync” app can be downloaded on Google Play, but the cumulative number of downloads was 10 million as of September, but it currently exceeds 50 million. In JulyRelease the function to display Android notifications on PCIt is becoming more and more convenient, and it can be seen that it is spreading rapidly.

Microsoft is for mobileEnded support for Windows 10 MobileOn the other hand, the folding device with AndroidSurface Duo announced that it will ship in the United States at the end of 2020. As part of this preparation, it seems that bug fixes for the “smartphone synchronization” function and further enhancement of functions will be planned.

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