You can secure the light and electricity in the event of a disaster! Solar charger "Light Disc | Solar" that can store electricity

One of the important items for disaster prevention is a charger for charging smartphones. However, a general charger cannot be charged without using a power source such as an outlet, so you will not be able to charge it during a power outage.

So this time,"Light Disc | Solar" disaster prevention goods that can be fully charged with sunlight and can be used as a daily useI will introduce.

Don't worry about running out of battery

Have you ever had a trouble when using the charger to charge your smartphone, because the battery of the main charger has run out?

It would be difficult if this was not normal and the battery ran out during a disaster. But"Light Disc | Solar" solves the problem of running out of battery!!

Don't worry about running out of battery

Charge freely using light

"Light Disc | Solar" is a solar charger that can store light energy in an internal battery.. If you leave it in the sunlight, it will generate electricity from sunlight and store electricity in the "LightDisc | Solar" body, so you do not have to worry about the battery running out of charge!

Charge freely using light

Take up space on the window to save space

Most solar chargers are of panel type, so it is difficult to install,"Light Disc | Solar" can be attached directly to the window glass and charged in that state!!

Take up space on the window to save space

Lighting function is also available instead of light

"Light Disc | Solar" is a built-in light, so you can turn on the light for up to 12 hours when fully charged... Rest assured that the light can be reliably secured even on a dark night during a disaster!

Lighting function is also available instead of light


"Light Disc | Solar" is an item that can secure the most important "light" and "electricity" in the event of a disaster. I want to make the luggage brought out in the event of a disaster as compact as possible, so "Light Disc | Solar" that plays two roles in one unit is perfect!

If you are looking for disaster prevention goods, please check it out!

Learn more about LightDisc | Solar →Always fully charged with sunlight! Light Discs for everyday use, LightDisc | Solar

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