"Youth High School Class C Class C" Deputy Home Teacher, Rika Nakai's Word for "Idol Club" "Spread me everywhere when you become famous"

"Youth High School 3rd Year Class C Idol Club" made its major debut on January 22. The program that created them was the program “Seishun High School 3rd grade C” broadcast on TV Tokyo. Rika Nakai, who supports the students who work hard every day as an assistant teacher, but also works as an idol. What is the appearance of the idol club from her perspective?

メ ジ ャ ー The major debut of youth high school 3rd grade group C with Nakai acting as assistant teacher has been decided. What do you think frankly?

Nakai: I've only known children since I entered the program, so I feel each of them growing, and I feel like I'm growing with them. After that, if they became famous, I would like to spread myself in various places. There is also an ambition to share the benefits, "I can sell myself by selling them!"

──I see [laughs].

Nakai: Mr. Akimoto [Yasu] has put a lot of effort into it, and it's just good music, so I think it's going to be a hot topic when it's exposed to various places in the future. In order to raise his profile for his debut on January 22nd, he is on a national pilgrimage in the program and everyone is working hard, so I thought I had to work hard if I was watching it.

1 It has been more than a year since the program started, and it seems that we have established a relationship of trust with the staff as well as the students. For example, producer Nobuyuki Sakuma …

Nakai: I'm not sure what Sakuma wants to be [laughs]. He's a busy office worker, but he seems to be very busy going to lectures. I think that the chance to come to the program is slightly reduced, but it seems that you are doing your best and it seems to be fun and good.

──Speaking of Mr. Sakuma, there was a case where the voice of anger, "Sakuma-san was angry and ignored!" Was heard by himself through the microphone.

Nakai: Yes, there is. That's fine because we've settled it down properly, but it's not a bad word when people are in the microphone! That's really the first reflection in 2019 [laughs].

[Interview and text by Yutaka Sato]り Rika Nakai [Rika Nakai]Born on August 23, 1997, from Toyama Prefecture. The first generation of NGT48. His nickname is "Rikahime, Rika-chan, Rika-sensei".
Twitter:@ rika_nakai823

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