YouTube adds new profile card to view user comment history

の YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, will release a new feature called “Profile card” that allows you to check the comment history and activities of other users on the channel you are watching.

Profile card

Information about YouTube, including profile names, subscriptions, profile photos, subscriber counts, recent comments, and more, is already publicly available, but the Profile card integrates this existing data into a single place. To do.

TechCrunchAs reported, the scheme was piloted in September 2019. The Profile card doesn't show all the user's comment history, only the comments from the channel you're visiting.

YouTube says the new feature "will help users see more comments, build connections with other users, and help make YouTube a more friendly place overall."

YouTubeAccording to the company, users can tap on the profile picture of the commenter to pull out a Profile card, which shows the person's public information.

下部 At the bottom of the Profile card is also a “View Channel” link.

機能 This feature will be available on mobile OS “Android” in the coming days. It will be released on other devices in the future.

This article is from overseas CBS InteractivearticleWas edited by Asahi Interactive for Japan.

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