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YouTube automatically deletes comments from the Chinese Communist Party-Engadget Japan version

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It turns out that YouTube is automatically deleting critical comments from the Communist Party of China. According to a YouTube spokesman, this is a bug and is under investigation.

According to The Verge, who first reported this issue, comments containing the word "co-birth" or "five hairs" were automatically deleted. Communist Bodies are Communist Marauders (field robbers, guerrillas) and are also used as contempt for the Communist Party of China. Gomo are people who write advertisements and so-called harassment reviews for the purpose of inducing public opinion under the Communist Party. It seems that this name was given because it is said that 5 hairs were paid for each writing.

All of them are words that criticize or insult the Communist Party, but if they are used in a positive sense in the comment, they are automatically deleted.

Most recently, Oculus founder Palmer Luckey and human rights activist Jennifer Zeng tweeted the issue, but at least as of October 2019,Pointed out in official YouTube helpWas being done.

YouTube says it's a bug and not the intended result, but it looks like two words have been added to the content filter to remove comments that include regular spam and offensive content. It is possible that this addition was unintended, and the cause of the contamination is still being investigated, but even so, it remains a pain for 6 months to explain.

Since Google was planning a censored search engine for China (then ending the plan), it is natural to think that this case was also under pressure from the Communist Party of China, or was reluctant. However, this is not limited to Google, Apple also has an application that can track the actions of the Hong Kong police at the time of the democratization of Hong Kong in 2019.Remove from storeHowever, it was pointed out that he gave in to the Chinese government.

In any case, the discussion about the relationship between the tech industry and China may reignite in the future. I would like to wait for the official response and announcement from Google.

source: The Verge

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