YouTube closes popular channel run by white supremacist

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YouTube closes popular channel run by white supremacist

YouTubeWhite supremacistForced closure of several channels operated by the company as "in violation of the hate speech policy."

YouTube bans Stefan Molyneux, David Duke, Richard Spencer, and more for hate speech-The Verge

YouTube bans several major white supremacist channels-9to5Google

Some channels closed by YouTube are prominent American and European white supremacistsStephan MolyneuxMr,David DukeMr,Richard SpencerTheir channel was also included. Above all, the channel run by Mr. Molineux was supported by more than 650,000 users. Mr. Molineu will be using the e-mail advertising service at the beginning of 2020.MailchimpMy account has been suspended.

A YouTube spokesman said, "These channels have repeatedly violated YouTube's policies. All channels that violate or significantly violate YouTube's strict hate speech prohibition policy will be closed." News siteThe VergeTalking to. According to YouTube, more than 25,000 channels were closed due to a violation of the hate speech policy.

YouTube in June 2019Community guidelinesUpdated and started crackdown on the channel on hate speech.

YouTube once again changes the content guidelines and deletes content & channels by supremeists-GIGAZINE

YouTube has been criticized by many users for several years to remove Mr. Molyneux's channel. Spencer and Molyneu have challenged YouTube's suspension of channels on social media, but "it's unlikely that any channel will come back," the news site said.9to5GoogleIs reporting.

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