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YouTube Music app supports lyrics display, playback highlights and jumps are not supported-Engadget Japan version

The YouTube Music app has updated the Now Playing screen interface to make it easier to access song lyrics. Lyrics display is currently supported only for Android version apps.

The YouTube Music app has supported lyrics display since February, but after updating the latest version of the app, the interface has been improved to make it easier to access.

There are two ways to display lyrics, as some users will not see the new playing screen after updating the app, either for a common phase-in or for testing.

1. When the new interface is enabled

"Next song" and "Lyrics" tabs are displayed at the bottom of the screen during playback. Just tap.

2. In case of conventional interface


When playing a song, the cover art appears largerOn the playing screen, tap the "i" information icon to the left of the song name. Note that this is not the menu to the right of the song title. If you do not know that the lyrics are hidden here, you will not notice easily.

Tap the info icon to see the lyrics below the number of views, ratings, and links to artists and albums.


Lyrics display is a feature of competing music services such as Apple Music and Amazon Music that was not in YouTube Music, but for those who thought that the other parts were attractive but they did not understand the lyrics but they were sorry Is good news.

However, the lyrics display of the competing service mentioned above can be synchronized with the song like karaoke to highlight the current playback point or tap a specific place of the lyrics and play from there, whereas YouTube Music The app does not support either.

(Lyrics display of Android version Apple Music app)

(Lyrics display of Android version Apple Music app)

The text size of the lyrics display is also the size of the small body text according to the terminal settings. Even if you set the font size to the maximum on the terminal side and use deca characters that can be seen in all places such as the application name and menu under the home screen icon, the lyrics display is not so large, and you can quickly check your eyes during playback and use it Is not suitable. (Because it doesn't synchronize with the part being played in the first place, I don't know where it is now even if the character is large).

Since the YouTube Music app can play YouTube videos regardless of the artist's official or unofficial, if you are lucky to find videos such as "with lyrics", "karaoke", "with translation", there is an advantage that you can see the lyrics even if the quality varies Speaking of which, it is still unfortunate that the lyrics display as a standard feature is easy to see and use.

Also, there are many cases where the lyrics are not provided, especially for Japanese songs that are not available in the first place. J-Pop Hotlist on the official YouTube Music playlist, except for one of the top 30 songs, was "Cannot display lyrics".

There are various factors such as compatible platforms and devices other than music catalogs in selecting music services, but users who practice karaoke, learn difficult to understand lyrics such as foreign languages, and poetry are as important as songs. For, it seems that there is still a big difference in considering which premium service to subscribe to.

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