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YouTube "New Corona Infection Spread with 5G" conspiracy theory video deleted. 5G antenna attack damage in the UK-Engadget Japan version

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YouTube has announced that it will remove videos related to the conspiracy theory that the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), which is spreading around the UK, is caused by 5G radio waves. In Britain, this kind of conspiracy theory has caused a series of arson damage to Vodafone (including O2) 5G antennas.

YouTube stated that videos seeking to spread the word "medically unfounded" that the new coronavirus infection is related to 5G would be removed because it violates the latest policy. On the other hand, 5G conspiracy videos that do not deal with the new coronavirus are excluded from being deleted as "content on the borderline". However, measures have also been taken to prevent it from being displayed as a search result on YouTube and to exclude it from advertisements, and the chance of seeing people has been greatly reduced. This was intimidated by the mayor of Liverpool after deciding the trend of linking the new coronavirus to 5G as a "strange story", and the Minister of the Cabinet Office called it "dangerous and nonsense".・ This is a move that follows Dowden's statement on social media and video platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube and Twitter, saying, "Forget such a message."

Unfortunately in Britain, some celebrities also believe in this groundless theory. For example, a link to popular singer Ann Marie, known for its collaboration with Ed Sheeran, and judge Amanda Holden, a judge for talent hunting program Britain's Got Talent, are linked to the theory that 5G radio waves have caused symptoms. Spread (deleted later).

"It's unfortunate that the critical communications infrastructure (especially in those cases) will be attacked by completely false perceptions," said Mats Granryd of GSMA, an international telecommunications trade association. No. Communication technology is secure. Trust the health authorities with peace of mind. " YouTube has been manually checking and removing thousands of videos containing coronavirus information that has been identified as dangerous or misleading since early February.

YouTube's response should help prevent social attacks that could destroy some of its infrastructure at this time when teleworking is important. Still, the inconsistent response of not removing other topics that are common in 5G conspiracy theories but not related to the new corona may cause videos and information that remains harmful to be spread again in the world Leave. At that point, YouTube's response is not yet complete, and it can be said that it is sloppy.

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