Yu Shirota tries to steal too bold at NY Airport

Actor Yu Shirota [34] reveals that a stranger at his airport in New York is about to be stolen by a stranger, and continues his surprise, saying, "I'm sorry!" Was.

Shirota updates Twitter on the 6th. "At an airport in NY, I had a little communication with a strange French Madam and was told," Look a bit at the luggage. " She was surprised at the action taken by the French woman, and said, "Madame! Be careful since then! Everyone really should be careful in foreign countries!"

Immediately after that, he renewed Twitter again and reported that "A dandy who lifted the rucksack in front of me from the side where he muttered and tried to leave quickly appears." "What? What is it? It's a stupid thing. Did you think you didn't notice it because you're playing with your mobile phone?" "The photograph shows the situation where the bag placed under the bench to sit on was sandwiched between your feet, and he called out again, saying," Everybody is really careful overseas.

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