Yu Yokoi starts second place in greens "Sometimes hibernating players"

Yuhana Yokoi [19 = Chukyo Univ.] In the first year of the senior scored 73.29 points in critical performance, and took second place. With 74.27 points, it was 0.98 points behind Rika Kihira [KFSC], the leader.

Yokoi vigorously swings his right fist down. When I decided to flow at the beginning of the double axel [two and a half jumps], I succeeded in three revolutions of lutz and three consecutive flip-to-loops in the latter half of the performance. All three spins and steps recorded the highest level 4.

Even in the coverage area, he laughed constantly and expressed his thoughts with a bright expression.

"I'm a molt, but I'm a hibernating player sometimes. After finishing, I said in a loud voice," I'm finally able to do it! " This season was the first half of the season when I really wanted to do a good performance in a short [program] and couldn't make full use of the chances I had in a big international competition. I'm happy to be able to perform clean times. "

For the free on the 23rd, "If the short was good but I made a mistake for free, I couldn't top it. I'm glad that I've been struggling with shorts so far, I'll be switching and enjoying tomorrow I hope we can do that without forgetting it. " We will make use of the good flow created by ourselves on the second day. [Correspondent to Elline Swavels]

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