Yui Aragaki: “Papamus” sailor suit again for “escape shame” tonight! ? 13 years ago…

The 6th edition of the 6th edition of "Muzkyung! Special Edition" in the popular TBS drama "Escape is shameful but useful [escape shame]" co-starring actress Yui Aragaki and singer and actor Gen Hoshino It will be broadcast from 10 pm on the day. A hot spring trip by Mikuri, who is dressed as Mr. Aragaki, and Taira Taira, played by Mr. Hoshino, is depicted, but it is likely that one of the highlights is Mr. Aragaki's sailor suit. This sailor suit was actually worn by Mr. Aragaki in the serial drama "7 days of daddy and musume" [same] that was broadcast in 2007, nine years before "Escape Shame." It was the first place that became a hot topic mainly on SNS at the time of the main broadcast of "Escape Shame" in 2016.

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