Yuichi debuts as a professional composer / Yale Week 9 Synopsis

Introducing the synopsis of the 5 episodes [25th to 29th] of the 9th week of the NHK TV novel "Ale" [Monday to Saturday, 8 am].

Yuichi [Masataka Kubota], who completed the composition of Waseda's support song "Azure no Sora" and regained some confidence, called Tetsuo [Ao Nakamura], a reporter in Fukushima. Kushi [Ikusaburo Yamazaki] also came and the three people met for the first time in a while. Yuichi asks Tetsuo to write the lyrics one day, because Kushi sings when he makes the song. On the other hand, Oto [Fumi Nikaido] screams when he sees Tamaki Futura [Kou Shibasaki], who will be the judge for the memorial lecture at the music school.

It was the sound that remained with Chizuruko [Mitsuko Konan] in the final selection of the music school commemorative performance, but it is said from the ring that it will be difficult to beat Chizuruko as it is. He didn't say what the sound wanted to convey through the song. Kushi advises that in order to clarify what he wants to convey, the first thing to understand is the world of "Tsubaki Hime."

The sound that I decided to work as a temporary worker for a week at a cafe, a social gathering place for men and women, to learn the subtleties of men and women. Yuichi was allowed to work at a cafe because he wanted to cooperate with Otome's dream, but I couldn't help but worry about the sound. I asked Tetsuo, who happened to come to the Furuyama family, to go and see the situation. However, the iron man who saw Kihoko [Noriko Iriyama] working with Oto …

Chizuko declares, "I will spend all my time to win the prima donna," knowing that Oto is working at a cafe and getting married while I am desperately practicing for selection. On the other hand, Tetsuo asks Kihoko who reunited and comes to the cafe. Kihoko takes a cold attitude toward Tetsuo.

Yuichi makes a debut as a professional composer when Yuichi's lyrics are written by Tetsuo and “Fukushima March” with Yume's melody turned into a record. On Bamboo, we'll be holding a record-breaking celebration party, and I'll ask you to leave the cafe and ask Kihoko to come to celebrate Tetsuo. However, Kihoko says with one promise that she cannot meet Tetsuo …

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