Yuichi is pleased to understand the sound pregnancy / Yale Week 10 Synopsis

Introducing the synopsis of 5 episodes [1-5 days] of the 10th week of the NHK TV novel "Ale" [Monday-Saturday 8 AM].

For the commemorative performance of the music school, “Tsubaki Hime” began to be rehearsed. Oto [Fumi Nikaido], who was selected as the protagonist after the battle with Chizuruko [Minako Yuko Konan], is encouraged by Tamaki Futura [Kou Shibasaki] to hone herself in the dying technique. One day, Tetsuo [Ao Nakamura] visits the Koyama family. Tetsuo, who created "Fukushima March" with Yuichi [Masataka Kubota], came to Fukushima to fulfill his dream of becoming a lyricist.

Kihara [Yojiro Noda] introduces lyricist Ichitaro Takanashi to Yuichi. When Takanashi heard Yuichi's "Fukushima March", he asked him to add a song to his lyrics, "Boyaku Kawaii". On the other hand, the sound encourages the students to practice for the commemorative performance, but when it does not go well, a ring appears and advises tips and encourages the sound.

Yuichi's song "Boyaku Kawaiya" becomes a record, but it doesn't sell at all, and Yuichi faces a crisis of canceling the contract. The ring that was asked by the sound and listened to the song was a very good song, so I suggested that I sing it myself. In order to create a record by singing a ring, Hatsukaichi [Shota Furuta] was very popular in Columbus Records, but Koyamada [Ken Shimura] …

Yuuichi is overjoyed because she knows the sound pregnancy. I have to leave the sound school, but I was planning to complete the commemorative performance "Princess Tsubaki" in order to be able to become a singer someday. At the end of the lesson, I told everyone about it, but the surroundings seemed confused.

I'm worried about the sound from the ring that asks if the belly child is prepared to be a professional on the stage even if it becomes dangerous. Yuichi is encouraged to take a break from the lesson due to the morning sickness, but the sound becomes unpleasant and then disappears. Yuichi searches around and finds the sound …

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