Yuichi Kimura collaborates with the Ministry of Justice as “Protective Director”

Yuichi Kimura [57] Natsuko Yokozawa [29] Karateka Taro Yabe [43] is a comedian entertainer Yoshimoto Kogyo and the Ministry of Justice of the "70th Movement to Brighten Society-Expansion and Connection of the Future." Attended the collaboration planning presentation.

Along with the comedy duo, Bad Boys Masaki Sada [41] and Kiyoto [41], Kimura and Nozawa, who have been ambassadors to "light up society" since last July, have appeared in the short movie "You are not alone."

Kimura, who plays the probation officer, said, "After being appointed [ambassador], my awareness began to grow, and I started to pay attention to how I would protect [criminals] after a crime occurred. It's a stage where flowers will bloom after they have sprung up," he recalled.

Yokozawa, who gave birth to the eldest daughter of the first child in February this year, said, "In the past year, I gave birth to my mother and became a mother. What news would the life of a person who committed this crime be? "I started thinking," Kimura promptly laughed, covering me with "I am that."

Yabe, who produced the collaboration animation CM "Toshiji and me" and the collaboration line sticker "Taro Yabe x Hogo-chan of rehabilitation penguin", said "I did not know much, so I drew it while learning" ..

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