Yuka Ogura absent from radio, said "I want to quit" on the last week's live broadcast

MBS radio "Appare Domas!" was broadcast on the 5th, and gravure idol and actress Yuka Ogura [21], who asked for the program's surrender during the live broadcast on July 29, appeared in the broadcast on that day. I didn't.

At the ending of the program's 29th live broadcast, Ogura was asked by co-star Kendo Kobayashi, "What's the news?" I will talk to you."

"I was waking up early in the morning and going to bed early at night, and I told the office that I wanted to quit because the radio became slow [late at night], but I couldn't talk for three or four months. "Please let me quit." Surprised the co-stars.

Kobayashi confused, "Eh!? You say something terrible. Is it a short statement?" "I'm sorry, but it's the office… We have no authority," he said.

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