Yuki Himura's dream of getting a mid-sized bus license

Comedy combination, Bananaman Yuki Himura [47] reported that he got a license to drive a microbus.

Himura announced on TBS radio “Banana Man's Banana Moon Gold” on the night of 13th, “Actually, I got a license for a medium-sized bus on December 12th!” A friend who was watching Himura driving a microbus and watching a video of traveling in Tokyo, and the guests of Tokyo 03 and others made a surprise voice saying, “Sure! Really !?”.

Himura had talked about the dream of wanting to go out to play with a bus license from before. Shitara was impressed, “When did you go to pick it up? It ’s amazing. I often got a license in such a busy schedule. Nichimura said, “I ’m going to take a bus tour next year.”

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