Yuki Ishikawa Announces Transfer to Milan, Serie A3 Club

Milan of volleyball Italian professional division 1 league [Serie A] announced on the 10th that they have won Ace Ishikawa [24], the ace of the Japanese men's team. Ishikawa, who has returned to Japan temporarily due to the effects of the new coronavirus, intends to talk about his enthusiasm for the new world at a press conference on the 11th.

Ishikawa, who has been playing in Italy since he was a junior high school student, chose Milan as his next affiliation. Started professional life in Siena and played in Padova last season. Active as a point getter for teams aiming to advance to the playoffs [8th place out of 14 teams]. However, due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the league was interrupted in March, and it was decided to discontinue in early April.

When the league was discontinued last season, Ishikawa participated in 71 sets in 19 games and scored 242 points [198 spike points, 29 serve points, 15 block points]. The team finished 7th with 8 wins and 11 losses. Milan, on the other hand, finished fifth with 12 wins, 7 losses.

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