Yuki Ito “good start” Sara Takanashi “missed buoyancy”

Yuki Ito [Tsuchiya Home] finished 4th with 250,6 points of 130/5 meters and 129.5 meters. Takanashi Sarah [Kuraray], who finished 4th in the individual season last season, finished 9th with 236.5 points of 125.5 meters and 125 meters.

Marlene Lumby [Norway], aiming for the third consecutive overall victory, won 280/8 points of 138 meters and 135 meters, giving 26th win in total. Nozomi Maruyama [Meiji University] is 13th, Yuka Seto [Hokkaido High-Tech AC] is 18th. Kaori Iwabuchi [Kitano Construction] was 31st and did not proceed for the second time.

◆ Ito's story There was no tension. A good start has passed. There is still a lack, but the goal [for this season] is to win one.

◆ Takanashi's story It's hard to engage my jump. My feelings went too far, and I rushed in the air and missed buoyancy. [Joint]

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