Yuki Yamada "I was putting out my ass like Shin-chan"

Actor Yuki Yamada [29] and talented apple apple [age undisclosed] will open a post on April 18 in Tokyo for the animated movie "Movie Crayon Shin-chan! Was.

Yamada will play the role of Minister of Defense of the kingdom "Lucka Kingdom" floating in the sky using doodles as energy.

Yamada said, "I'm honored to be in" Crayon Shin-chan "from when I was watching the child. It was like I was a kid, and when I was a kid, I seemed to put out my ass like Shin-chan. "

"I'm honored to see Shinshin-chan when I was a child. To be honest, I was confident at first, but the moment I stood in the studio, I was nervous and difficult. When I saw the result, I was really moved and thought that it brought my life to life. "

Yamada says, "The story of the friendship of a hot hero. There is a message that resonates not only with children but also with adults. I hope you can return with a smile." "I have a laugh, tears, and I hope everyone, young and old, will enjoy it," said Apple.

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