Yuko Shinki's “Distance” photo collection

Model and actress Yuko Shinki [25] attended a photo book “honey” release event in Tokyo on the 14th.

The second photo book in two years was taken in Italy this May. The previous work “Girlfriend” expressed the sense of distance of Shinki in a large number of people, but in this work “I was particular about the sense of distance of one-to-one. The theme was a facial expression like that. " He was also involved in photo selection.

My favorite photo is a close-up photo. “It's a photo book with a lot of clues, but the ones that stand out among them. I like the feeling of life, but I felt“ this is good! ”With a feeling,” he said.

This year, she was active in the first voice actor challenge and the first starring in a series. “I was worried about the first challenge, but it was a year that was supported by the people around me and that anxiety worked hard.”

I will be 26 years old on 15th tomorrow. “I want to do a role that I haven't yet done as an actress, and I want to make more efforts as a model. Since 20 years old, I buy accessories as a gift for myself on my birthday every year. “I want to buy something good,” he smiled.

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