Yumi Aso: Audience “…” appeared in “99.9” from “Tell me that I love you”

A special episode of the serial drama "99.9-Criminal Lawyer-SEASON I" starring Jun Matsumoto of the popular group "Arashi" that was broadcast in the TBS-related "Sunday Theater" frame [Sunday 9:00 pm] in the term ended April 2016. Three nights aired on June 14th at 9pm. At the same time, actress Yumi Aso made a guest appearance. Aso plays Hikaru Shimada in the re-broadcast drama "Tell me that I love you" on the same day. On SNS, "Mr. Aso! Day and night!" "Petite Aso Yumi Festival today!" "25 Many years ago, Yumi Aso and the modern day had one day.” “I love you, JIN, Theseus's ship, 99.9… The power of Yumi Aso is amazing!”

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