Yumi Kajiwara appears at Women's Omnium オ World Bicycle Championship

Women's Omnium will feature gold medal candidate Yumi Kajiwara [22 = University of Tsukuba]. With the regret that ended in fourth place at the World Championships last year, he has won gold medals for two consecutive games in the World Cup this season. Shoot the world queen's seat for the first time in Japanese bicycle history.

◆ What is Omnium? ◆ Fight the middle distances in 4 days and compete for total points. You cannot retire on the way. For women, Yumi Kajiwara is a gold candidate. Men are also expected to receive medals from Hideya Hashimoto. Men's 6th place and women's 4th place in the Olympics are also within the quota.

The fourth event is as follows.

<1> Scratch: An image of a truck individual road race competing for a finish order of 10km for men and 7.5kg for girls

<2> Tempo Race で At the same distance as <1>, one point is added to the first place player every lap.

<3> Elimination: The tail drops off every two laps, and when the remaining two players finish, they decide on the order of sprints and get points.

<4> Point race: Men's 25 kg, women's 20 kg. Five points in first place, three points in second place, two points in third place, and one point in fourth place are added every 10 laps. The score doubles at the end. In addition, if you make a lap delay, you can add 20 points, but if you make a lap delay, you will also lose points. Starting with points <1> to <3>, the final ranking is determined without necessarily having to finish first. Also pay attention to bargaining while calculating rival points.

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