Yuriko Yoshitaka "Do not need to know" good first-time 9.4%

The average audience rating of the first episode of the Nippon Television series drama “Knowing Deity Koto” [Wednesday 10:00 pm] starring Yuriko Yoshitaka [31] broadcasted on the 8th was 9.4% [Kanto area] According to a video research survey on the 9th.

Kate Makabe, played by Yoshitaka, is a feature group reporter for the leading weekly magazine “Weekly East”. Kyouko Akiyoshi, who raised Kate as a single mother, is a movie translator and mother, Annan, who died, saying that her father was Hollywood star "Keanu Reeves". Being exposed to the mysterious words left by her mother while revealing the truth of society. It is a work type human drama sent in Shizu Oishi's original script. A younger member of the series, Haruki Nonaka, his lover, Daiki Shigeoka [Johnny's WEST], editor-in-chief Susumu Iwatani, Kuranosuke Sasaki, animal photographer Kate's ex-boyfriend, Yuichiro Odaka, Yu Eramoto, and a mysterious bicycle shop, Nonoju Kaoru Kobayashi plays Atetsu.

In the first episode, Kate spent a fulfilling day in love with work. One day, she is informed that her mother, Annan, has fallen. Annan, who raised Kate while he was unmarried, left Kate's father as "Keanu Reeves" on his sickbed and died easily.

She consults with her lover Nonaka, who is a junior in the series, but in a joke she can't meet her, but while her mother's study comes up, a picture of her young mother and Keanu Reeves comes out.

A few days later, Kate returns to work and discusses the fraudulent material he has been pursuing with the editor-in-chief Iwatani. Kate enters a tea ceremony classroom run by Shoko to cover an elderly woman, Shoko Taga [Mitsuko Baisho], who believes she is not deceived while falling in love with a fictional person on the Internet . However, the interview was difficult due to the guard's hard laughing child. Meanwhile, Kate's ex-boyfriend Odaka visits Kate's house to raise incense by an animal photographer who returned from an overseas business trip. Kate gets enthusiasm from Odaka who listens to Annan's last words and says, "Isn't it wonderful?" Odaka returned and remembered an event three years ago that Kate couldn't tell.

You are excommunicated if you tell Lakiko that she is scammed. When Kate returns home, she finds a ring from her mother's remains. Examination of the ring purchaser revealed that the indiscriminate murderer, Juju Atetsu, presented the ring to his mother. Kate suspects she is the daughter of a murderer and is severely depressed. Lover's lover Nonaka comes to encourage and proposes to Kate to "marry". Nonaka insisted that she would not change her feelings if she told her that she was the murderer's daughter. Kate realizes the power of "love" and visits Shoko and says, "I want to talk about love."

Kate was scolded by the company after giving a scoop, but when he returned home, Nonaka visited the house and broke up saying that he couldn't get married because Kate was the daughter of a murderer.

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